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This is where I'll maybe eventually put blog or diary entries.
In the meantime, pretend you're reading my deepest, darkest secrets while you're here...

I made a Tumblr post

I've had a Tumblr account for a few years, I used it briefly when I first created it but deleted what little I had on it and then abandoned it. Now I've started using it again and reblogged something and went on a little happy-rant about it. It's about how Lumity was officially confirmed as canon in Latin America's Spanish dub of "The Owl House". In summary, I don't watch the Spanish dub but seeing the clip of Luz and Amity asking each other out in my native toungue made it feel even more relatable to me than it already was.

Just felt like posting something here :)

A test blog entry

I went to my grandparents' place today. I later went to pick up the fur clippers we bought for my dog. It's kinda late at night now, so I'm really tired. We're going shopping tomorrow, so I should get some rest!